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Alfred Beverly II
Owner of Charis Solutions
Photography & Design

"Felicia Young has played such an integral role in the setup and infrastructure of Charis Photography.  She was very hands on for the beginning of my business 10 years ago, to even now giving insight and influence in business strategy and marketing.  Her knowledge in business startup and development is phenomenal.  When I began my business, Felicia helped me to file my DBA, open my business banking account and shared her knowledge in business practices.  Felicia is very passionate in helping other entrepreneurs with their dreams and goals! With that kind of loving and caring attitude, business owners will be overjoyed to work with her. "

Opal Morris
Business Implementation Coach
Residential Mortgage Loan Originator
Online Boutique Owner
Heart of the Samurai Graduated

"I've worked with Felicia for over 10 years. Felicia has nurtured and empowered me to reach my full potential. When ever I feel like I cannot push any more, she gives me that extra nudge and encouragement that I need to continue. She stretches your mind to places unimaginable.

Thank you Felicia!"

Alesha Wells

Genesis Corporation-President

Genesis Beauty Salon

Genesis Above & Beyond the Beauty

Genesis Suites

"Felicia Young,  Wow what an amazing lady whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing on a personal level. I’ve also worked with Felicia through the Community Business Network, Antioch Missionary Baptist Church and several other workshops where she so eagerly reveals her wisdom and trains in the area of finance.  She has also shown great support for The Pioneering Women’s organization and was a 2020 “Year of the Woman Honoree".  She truly is a pioneering woman and a true servant! 


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